Our God is Faithful

We met Larry through our mutual Thai friend, Orawun. Larry is a good Christian with a burden for young women at risk who may become or already are victims of prostitution, human trafficking and any forms of exploitation.  He shared to us that he believed that God had put in his heart to start a ministry that will help young women by providing them education, skill trainings and spiritual development so that they can start their own business or find employment and have a better life.  He will bring people to Mae Sai from the US to train the young women in sewing clothes, bags, purse and other products and he will market them in the US and the income will be used in the ministry.

Survey TripNarlin and I had thought about the need for this kind of ministry but we don’t  have the resources. There are numerous children’s homes around Mae Sai and Tachilek but a serious  effort to help young women is almost non-existent .

We had several meetings  with Larry. We already had developed a strong friendship with him.  We made surveys of the ministries around Mae Sai. Visited places and asked people about the need for a ministry to young women.  These activities proved that this kind of program is really needed in Mae Sai, Chiang Saen, Burma and Laos.  We are praying that in the next months all the planning, research and surveys we were doing will come to reality. We will help Larry to start the project in partnership with the Network for Children and Women (NCWA-Mae Sai).  Please help to pray for this ministry.

Our Involvement NCWA

Our commitment with NCWA is going deeper. We believed that God has given us this organization so that our ministry and activities here in Mae Sai will have government backing.  Although fewer people are attending the meetings, we believe however, that it only made the organization stronger in terms of decision making regarding its activities andNCWA REcent Meeting projects. In our recent meetings, we were able to make decisions with  few projects.

  • The organization will work in parthership with Larry in finding a place for the training center  and women’s home/office, providing workers and seeking out young women who are in need.
  • The organization will accept more volunteer English teachers to work in different community  and that the organization will be able to provide the volunteers with  visas and allowances.
  • The organization will buy a 11 Rai (17,600 Square Meters) of land in between Mae Sai and Chiang Saen. The land will be converted to plum farm and the income will be used for the organization’s different projects and activities. The members are given the privilege of buying 1-2 Rai as contribution and they have an option to get the land after 10 years. Narlin and I are praying that we can buy 1 Rai (1,600 Square Meters) for 10,000 THB (roughly 330 USD).  We know that  this is a rare opportunity for us to have our “own” a property here in Thailand that we can use for future ministry.  Please help us to pray for God’s guidance in our decisions.

Please remember NCWA, all its members, ministries and activities in your prayers.

Horizon Village and Resort Weekend Treat

Horizon Village Resort Garden

Through God’s  divine appointment, we have come to know Jon and Joyce. For two years, they had brought teams to Thailand and Burma doing optometry, dental and medical mission. They  give Mae Sai a 2 or 3 days to minister to our church, to us and the kids. The team enjoyed their time with our kids. I guess it is not an exaggeration to say that they fell in love with the children.  They are giving us an enchanting three-day treat at the Horizon Hotel and Resort in Chiang Mai on 2-5 of August.

Horizon Hotel

We thank the Lord for this wonderful gift. This is something we really could not afford and do  on our own. It is God’s blessing for us and the kids.  Please pray for safe travel and God’s provision. Our truck broke down yesterday and we hope it will be fixed before Friday. Pray also for God’s provisions in for the repair.

More Prayer Concerns

Please continue to pray for some of our urgent needs.

  • The processing of our visa is almost finished. The Thai government gave us one-month provisional period and by the 18th of August, we’ll finally be  allowed to stay in the kingdom for another year. Thanks for your prayers.
  • Lea will go out of Thailand once again to secure a non-immigrant visa at Thai Consulate in Laos. Hopefully, with the corrected documents everything will go on smoothly.  Pray for God’s provision and safe travel.
  • Jared and Jillian are doing good with their studies. They just finished the midterm exam and will have the final exam next month. Please pray for God’s timely provision.
  • Reuven is enjoying his studies in the Thai High School. They had their ASEAN camp last weekend.  Please remember to  pray for him. Among our (true)  children, he has the toughest experiences as a missionary kid.
  • At the moment, we are considering to give up the other house we are renting. Although it is being used as center for English teaching, our original purpose  to use it as boy’s dormitory did not work out as planned. Keeping a separate places for the boys has proven to be very impractical. We are praying that we can build a boy’s dorm at the backyard. Please help us in praying for this concern.
  • In August,  we are scheduled to do two ASEAN English camps.  One will be held at the Municipal School in Mae Sai and the other camp is for the high school teachers in Sanasa, Chiang Rai.  The onlly setback is that the school in Chiang Rai wants a white person to be part of the team.  We are praying that they will be open to a all-Filipino team.
  • A very recent news about our truck. The mechanic told us that the truck’s engine has a “knock” on its egine. He recommended that the engine must be overhauled to avoid further damage and to determine precisely what is wrong with it. The estimated cost of the overhaul is 35,000 THB or more. We are thankful that God will provide for this particular need.The Truck in Trouble

As the kids are growing up with the prices of basic commodities and utilities in Thailand are going up, our budget has gone higher too. The month of July had been a big struggle for us financially nonetheless, God’s provisions through our friends are so far enough for our needs. 

We are thankful to God for using friends like you who are always ready to help and have been faithfully praying for us. Thanks for holding the other end of the rope for us.

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