It’s still flu season


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The month of August flew us by so quickly and we are late (once again) in sending out our prayer update.  It is still rainy season here in Thailand, the outbreak of flu virus is not over yet. Narlin was among the first ones who caught the virus and the children take their turns in catching it too.

Taking care of the children has keeping our hands full. The children are growing up and as they do, they are going through physical, emotional and psychological changes. This result in personality conflicts among them and are magnified when there are fifteen of them. We have our nightly worship together and we take that time to help them resolve their personal issues. Nevertheless, most of the time, they live in joy, peace and harmony. Please continue to pray for the children. Help us to pray for wisdom as we guide them. We hope to give them the best care we can. We pray that they will be successful when they finish their school and have their own careers.

_MG_6099-2Hospitality Ministry

In more than a decade of our stay here in Mae Sai, hosting teams, friends and “strangers” has become essential part of our ministry. In the past, we were able to help out Filipinos who were trapped in a tight situation. We had provided shelter and placement for those who were suddenly terminated from their work. We also hosted people who do “border run” and need a place to stay. Last month, we had the opportunity to host a Filipino family friend from Italy. It was a great time to be reconnected with old friends and helped us to be refreshed. Their time here and provide them mission exposure (especially their children) a learning experience about God’s ministry here in Thailand. And of course, we tried our best to show them around and enjoy this beautiful city. Please help us to be able to continue this kind of ministry.


Medical Outreach

We also had the opportunity to do a medical outreach (15-19 August.) The medical team consisted of Dr. Peter Yoon from California, Cecilia Ceralde, and Pastor Julius both from Philippines. We had the opportunity to provide medical help to the community of the Lawa Mae Sai Church and Grace Mae Sai Church. The team stayed here for four days and many people are blessed through the medical mission. We are able to help out church workers and leaders who are unknowingly suffering from diabetes and hypertension. Dr. Peter gave his glucose monitor so that we can use it to follow up on patients with “abnormally” high sugar for their medications. He is a wonderful man of God and we hope we can work with him again ministering to the people in the community.


Sak Saum Continued Partnership

We thought our connection with Sak Saum in Cambodia ended when we left New Life Creations Foundation (NLCF).  However, we are glad when Ginny, the Founder and Director of Sak Saum reached out to us and expressed her desire to work with us in saving young women and children from human trafficking. She will be helping by allowing us make product items for Sak Saum.  We praise the Lord for this because with or without Sak Saum we are committed in helping young people in the community. We are praying to have one or two young women that Narlin can train to sew and make products. For the meantime, while we are waiting,  Sak Saum asked us to make small items like bag accessory (tassels) that we (with the older children) can make on our free time. The amount we earned from making this product will help with the children’s school expenses. Because NLCF keeps the sewing machines that were donated by our friends, we are praying that we can buy our own sewing machines. Please pray for wisdom and guidance as we do this ministry.

Prayer Concerns

  • We need to renew our passports.  We will be on 13-hour travel (round trip=26 hours) by bus next week to go to the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok. We prefer to travel by plane but our finances is very limited.  Narlin needs to be fully recovered from flu before we can make this trip. Please pray for health and safe travel.
  • We are praying to have our own Foundation but we are waiting on the Lord and seeking His guidance to do this. This venture will require a lot of funding, time, wisdom and effort. We desperately need your prayers regarding this project.
  • We continue to pray for the construction of the extension of the boys’ room and more bunk beds. Help us to pray for provisions.
  • Thank you for praying for our family. Jared after after working as teacher for five months is due for promotion in October. Jillian will acquire her teacher’s work permit before the end of this month. Our children are officially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).  Reuven will be graduating from college next year. God is truly faithful.
  • Thank you for your commitment to pray for all the children. Taking care of them is not a walk in the park but by God’s grace most of them turned out to be good people. They are still growing up and we are not certain of their future. We hope to take care of them until they can look after themselves on their own.
  • Pray that the children’s  Non-Thai National ID will be upgraded by the government to Thai National ID.
  • Please continue to pray for our ministry involvements in the school, church and community.

Six Months Have Gone By So Fast


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At the start of this year, I was hoping to update this blog at least once a month. Evidently, I haven’t posted anything here until I realized that it is already over halfway 2017. Here is our recent prayer update.

First of all, we want to thank you for your love and prayers. We experienced God’s faithfulness through you. We couldn’t believe that we are already past half way of the year 2017. Time goes by so quickly and so are the seasons. After an extremely hot summer, we are now experiencing one of the “wettest” rainy seasons in Northern Thailand, not in terms of volume of water but in the length of time that the rain falls. It feels like its raining day and night for a month.

Just like Israelites who believed that rain is literally a blessing from God, we also believe it. “Land that drinks in the rain often falling on it and that produces a crop useful to those for whom it is farmed receives the blessing of God.” (Hebrews 6:7)

Besides the blessing of rain, God has blessed us with friends who are faithfully praying and helping us with the ministry to the young women and children. We could not stay a day longer in Thailand without your prayers and support. Thank you so much.

Thankful For Another Year in Thailand
July is one of the stressful months of the year for us. This is the time when we will know for certain if we will stay another year in Thailand. This month we renewed our work permit and visa.

We did a lot of traveling going to Chiang Mai and back, the office of the Foundation that kindly provides us work permit and visa is in Chiang Mai. Thus, we are required to renew our visa in Chiang Mai Immigration Office.  What added up to our anxiety is the notorious fluidity of the Thai immigration laws. Somehow, there is always some changes. This year, one of the changes that we found out too late is that the visa ends on the expiration date of our passport. Before this law was enforced, it was easy to transfer the visa into the new issued passport. In fact, we had done it twice already.

Our passport will expire on April 18, 2018, hence in stead of having our visa until July 20, 2018, we have to renew it again three months earlier.  All the same, we are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to stay in Thailand for another (almost) year. God is good.

More Time at Home
The demand to be present (at all time) at Life Creations Training Center took a lot of our time away from home and the kids.  We were sad to leave because we work so hard to put up this ministry and we were hoping we can spend the rest of our life there. But we are grateful to the Lord for giving us a clear message to part ways with NLCF.  It was a blessing in disguise because now we have time to work on our home and care for children.

We are able to do things we could not do for the last couple of years. Narlin have time to cook special food for the children and teach them baking. She can also do projects like sewing clothes and bed sheets. She also teaches baking to the young people at the church. Joey have time do maintenance works on our already ”ancient” house. We had replaced the kitchen’s broken roof and patched up the leaking roofs of the boy’s room and the small room upstairs.  We have more time to be involved in the church through preaching and teaching.

We also have the time to help more people as we used to do. We now can again minister to the sick people by not only praying but also by driving them to the hospital in Chiang Rai. Also for those who do not have a mean of transport going to places they need to go for training and seminars. We are thankful to the Lord for giving us (Rocky) the truck.

Prayers and Thanksgiving
Thank you for continually praying for us. The Lord has been providing us wisdom, strength, health and material needs because of your prayers. Here are our prayer concerns and thanksgiving:We are thankful to the Lord for providing for all our needs.

  • With 16 children and 3 adults living together living in one old house, our utility bills and the kids school expenses are getting higher each month. But God is faithful to provide. Thank you for your partnership.
  • This is the month of Academic competitions and the kids are doing well again. Tina won the English competition (5th place) all over Northern Thailand. Mike won the writing contest in Thai in his school. Thank your Lord for guiding the children.
  • Rainy season makes going to school more challenging. We are thankful for the truck, we can bring and pick up the kids to school safely protected from the weather.
  • Thankful for our miracle truck. It’s been a while since it was in the shop for repair.  However, the tires are five years old and the mechanic think we need new set of tires.
  • Thankful for the one year extension of our work permit and visa. In spite of the changes in the laws and paying more fees, the renewal process went relatively smooth this year.
  • We are praying that we can build the boy’s room and buy three bunk beds. We are trusting on God’s provision in the right time.
  • When we part ways with NLCF, we start praying for a project to help protect young women from human trafficking in our small but effective means. Help us in praying for this ministry.
  • Thankful to God for giving Jared and Jillian the opportunities to stay and work as teachers in Thailand. The way things are going it looks like they will be staying in Thailand for a long time. Praise the Lord. Pray for Reuven also in the Philippines studying in the University for one more year.
  • Most of all, we are thankful for you friend. We honor the sacrifices you are making to partner with us ministering to the children. We thank the Lord for your love and generosity.

New Decade of Hope


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Happy New Year!

As the year ended, we could not help but once again remember God’s faithfulness. 2017 is the beginning of a new decade for us here in the mission field. We arrived in Thailand on the 6th of January 2006, with three luggages, meager support and three children, nobody thought (including ourselves) that we could even last for a couple of years.

But here we are, with God’s care and provisions and with our friends’ love and sacrifices. We are ready to face another decade of ministry. We will continue serving God and helping people to find their freedom in Christ.

In Thailand, they don’t celebrate Christmas or at least they do not know the real reason why Christians celebrate it. Although it is not considered as a holiday, the supermarkets and shopping malls are full of Christmas stuff on sale and Christmas songs filled the air. This is the time of the year when Thai people are open to listen to the true message of Christmas. This Christmas, the Lord had given us several opportunities to be in that situation-share the message.

Christmas Activities
We are thankful to God that the Tesaban 1 Municipal school asked us to sing carols and explain the meaning of Christmas at the school during their flag ceremony. We thought it was a great opportunity to involve our church in the activity. Our church’s youth joined us in the singing and our Pastor, Ajan Sunit shared the message.

We also had the privilege to join several Christmas activities. First, we organized the New Life Creations Foundation Christmas Party. Second, we had the opportunity to be part of Pantamit Church’s Christmas outreach program in Baan Nana, one of the biggest children shelters in Mae Sai. Lastly, for three years now, we had been invited to be part of the Christmas program for the School for the Blind in Mae Sai. We are praying that our working relationship with the School of the Blind will grow deeper. We pray that we may be able to help through connecting them with people who have called to work with the blind.

English Camp at Tesaban 1 
Narlin is doing what she does well, organizing English camp at schools. Joey has to excuse himself to take the time to write this newsletter. She had been planning this English Camp (with YWAM-Madison Team) for more than a month when Teacher Jar (the head of the school English department) told us that two other teams from Univeristy in the US would join the activities. So instead of having 7 people from YWAM, we ended up with 18 volunteer teachers from the US.


It is a big group, but by God’s grace we are on the last day of the English camp and as far as we can see, it was a success. We are once again, thankful to the Lord for giving us the opportunity to serve the children at the school. We also have helped the teachers and our good relationship with the school has grown stronger. All for the glory of God.

Family Update
We considered going home to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas with our family. But we thought it would be better if our children, Jared, Jillian and Reuven, would come to here to celebrate with us and also that they would be reconnected with their little brothers and sisters. Nuch came home from Chon Buri to join us. That was the first time in five years that we were reunited.


Honor Your Father




Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you. -Exodus 20:12

One of the most important holidays in Thailand is Father’s day. It is celebrated on December 5, which is the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is celebrated all over the country.  The King is considered as the father of the nation and of all the Thai people. He is recognized as best role model for fathers. This is also the day when we give honor to our fathers and grandfathers by giving them flowers and by treating them with a good dinner.

As Christians, I believe this is an appropriate day for us to honor our fathers. The command to honor our father and mother is in the Ten Commandments. In Exodus 20:12, it says honor your father and mother. But today we will give honor and respect to our father.

Among the Ten Commandments, this is the only one that is given with a promise. “That your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.”

God adds a provision in the verse by saying that if you do this look at what will happen. Serving God comes with benefits. If you serve him:

  • He will take care of you
  • He will provide for you
  • He will protect you
  • He will guide you
  • He will direct you
  • He will make a way out of no way for you
  • He will make your enemies leave you alone
  • He will comfort you

The Hebrew word that we translate as “honor” has several implications and meanings. Among them are respect, model and obey. So in fact, when the Bible says to honor your father, it is saying to respect your father, to model your father and to obey your father.

Honor Means to Respect (12)

Honor your father and your mother.

To respect literally means to hold in high regard. It is a word that is more than “ignore” but less than worship. To respect our father does not mean that we worship him, because only God is worthy of our worship. But it does not mean that we don’t care about them either.

Respect includes a right amount of fear. We fear God and we in some ways fear our father when we do something wrong. Respect means we are afraid to do something that is against our father’s words.

When I was little, just like many children sometimes are not afraid of our mother. Because mothers just like to talk when they are angry. But when our mother tells us that, “I’m going to tell your father” or “just wait until your father gets home.” Then this makes some children afraid. Why? Because we do not want to face the consequences of our father’s anger.

What the Bible is teaching us in this verse, the value of respect. The Bible is saying to us that if you want people to respect us , then we need to respect our parents.

Honor Means to Model (12)

Honor your father and your mother.

“Honor” in Hebrew word can also be defined as “to model.” I think many of us grew up thinking our father is cruel. We tell to ourselves that we are not going to spank our children like our father did to us.

Personally, when our father spanked us to discipline us, I promised that when we have our own children we would not do the same punishment to my children. I had this perfect picture in my mind that when I became a father, all I was going to do was to just talk to my children with a calm voice.

However, it did not take me long to discover that the picture I had in my mind was just a picture. And that when my children disobey me I found myself doing the exact same things with my children as my father had done with me.

Honoring our father means that we considered him as our role model. And though there are times when we don’t like our father, the day will come when we realized that we are just like our father and our mother. Someday we are going to:

  • Pay the bills
  • Put the food on the table
  • Take care of our own family
  • Work for living
  • Raise our own children
  • Help our children get an education
  • Provide for the needs of the family

Our father has done all of these things. We honor our father for that. And when we honor our father, we also honor God.

Honor Means to Obey

Honor your father and your mother.

Finally friends the Hebrew word honor can also mean obey. The Apostle Paul who was an expert on Old Testament Law and therefore very familiar with exactly what the Ten Commandments said, had this in mind when he wrote the “household codes” found in the book of Ephesians, he says “Children obey your parents”. This is just another way of saying honor your father and your mother.

I believe that the Bible is correct, obedience begins at home and the failure to teach obedience is the highest form of child abuse. You see there are some fundamental basic behavior that all children must learn if we are going to expect them to survive when they get on their own and live from under our roof.

My father used to say to me “the reason I beat you at home is so that somebody else won’t have to do it in the streets.” You see, young people, it really is rather simple. When children fail to obey your parents at home you are bound for failure when you are living on your own. If we disobey our parent at home then:

  • We are not going to listen to a teacher in school
  • We are not going to listen to the principal in the office
  • We are not going to listen to a coach on the game
  • We are not going to listen to a director in the band
  • We are not going to listen to an instructor in the arts
  • We are not going to listen to a pastor in the church
  • We are not going to listen to a doctor in the hospital
  • We are not going to listen to the policemen on his beat

When a child fails to honor or obey his parents at home they are setting themselves on a course that will end in disaster because that pattern of disobedience will follow them the rest of their life.

But brothers and sisters in Christ, we are not disobedient.  We honor our father and mother today and everyday of our lives and we will have God promise.  “That if you honor your father and your mother your days will be long upon the land thy God hath given thee.”


Honoring our father means we respect, model and obey them. When people dishonor their parents they suffer from high blood, stress, anxiety and other psychological ailments. They also end up in a bad situation. Many are dead and many are in jail. Fortunately, if we simply obey our parents, we can avoid those bad things. However if we honor and treat our parents right it makes us a happy person and we live longer and blessed life.

Again, listen carefully to what the Bible says; “if you honor your father and mother then your life will be long in the land that God has promised you.” The land that God has promised us is not just life here on earth. It included in the land that God has promised us is eternal life in heaven. So if we honor our father and mother, we increase our chances to on not only having long life down here, but we will also sure of eternal life in heaven.

So this morning, we give honor and respect to our father just as we respect, honor and worship our God, the Father.

Adapted from a sermon by Pastor Gene Sample

Discipline is Love




After the worship service last Sunday, while we were having the traditional church lunch, the Pastor expressed his appreciation for our children. He told us that they are very disciplined during the worship and “Sunday School” and their understanding of the Bible is deeper than the some of the adult church members. He complemented us by saying that we have taught the children very well.

In spite of the boys’ occasional naughtiness, we are thankful to the Lord that the children are growing up not only in physical but also in their spiritual life. We instilled to them discipline through helping with the house chores, studies, following the house rules, and studying the Word of God together. We are committed to take care of them until they finish college, but they may choose to leave us sooner than we expected. We hope we have done enough to prepare them to face life’s challenges. Thank you for your continued love support and prayers.

National ID Upgrade

pia-1The school break is over. All the children went to the school this week. It is good to have quiet moments after a month of chaos. We received an announcement that the school is now helping to upgrade the children’s national Thai ID. Nine of our children, except for Pia have 10-year residence ID because they all cross the border when they were still young. This keeps us busy this week. We prepared all the required documents for review and we hope and pray for the best.

Because Pia came later, we were not able to acquire her the 10-year residence ID the same time with other children. Our friend, who is now helping us with paper works, told us that there is a new way we can get national ID for children. We will be spending some time doing it next week.

Please continue to pray about this important concern. Acquiring Thai citizenship is a very difficult and complicated process. Most people think that the children’s future depends on it, but we believe that their future is in God’s hands.

NCLF Update

Larry is still in the USA working hard to raise fund for the New Life Creations Foundation (NLCF) and its project Sak Saum Thailand. Please continue to pray for him and his health. We really cannot help him with the project financially as we, ourselves have just enough for own ministry needs. However, we are trying to help in all aspects of this ministry as much as we can.

The girls continue to make products for Sak Saum Thailand to meet few more order. This helps sustain the salary of the staff, training, home and food expenses for the girls. We hope to help more girls who are vulnerable and in some ways experienced the evil of human trafficking.

You can help with this ministry by sponsoring a girl, volunteering or by selling our products.


Christmas Reunion

I was talking to a missionary who recently moved here into Mae Sai and asked how things are going with his ministry. He answered, “the work is good, but we are going on furlough in six months.” I feel like everyone is has just been or will be in furlough.

For more than 10 years, we never had a furlough. Three weeks are the longest time we spent away. Most of these were emergencies or special occasions. Our children coming here to spend Christmas is a very special moment for us. It is the closest to furlough we can have. We are looking forward to a happy long holiday this December. Please help us to make this Christmas reunion a happy one for us, our children with their adoptive brothers and sisters.


Timely Provision



And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (Philippians 4:19-20)

We are thankful for God’s timely provision. Our expenses these last three months were big. The kids are really growing up and they are consuming more food than usual. Our children in the Philippines are renting a house that is relatively expensive and the house is not even in good shape.

We are thankful that the recent two succeeding typhoons in the Philippines did no cause so much damage as was expected. Our children both experienced the fury of both typhoons. Thankful for God’s protection for our friends, family and generally all the people affected by the typhoons.

We’ll be traveling to Chiang Mai today. Pray for safe travel. We will be joining the Rainbow Covenant Foundation for their Family day. Something that we haven’t really done in 10 years that we are working with them.

In the previous post, I expressed the idea of changing this blog to a web site. But I think it will be better to leave it as is. Instead, I’ll be creating another website for our “orphanage” ministry.

I thought of using Qeshet, but it is not how our ministry is called, it is just the title of this blog. I will use Baan Rainbow because this is the name that the community has given us.

It is still under construction. Watch for  Baan Rainbow website.

God bless all and thank you for your love and prayers.

Change is coming


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Two years ago, I received a message through this blog telling us that they would use my blog title as the name of their organization and website. I did not have the copyright, so I could not stop them from using it. I told them though that this blog, although not updated regularly was still active. Regardless, they eventually used the name. It was not a problem for me, I was even happy that fellow workers are working along the borders of Mexico, Haiti and Nicaragua. Praise the Lord.

The only problem is people are starting identifying us with the organization. I keep on receiving messages and emails from friends and strangers asking if we  are part of “Missions Beyond Borders.”  Of course, we are not, nor we are affiliated with any organizations. Our ministry is supported mainly by friends, we are not “employed” by any mission organization.

“Missions Beyond Borders” used to be the title of this blog. It is because even though we live in Thailand, our ministry extends to the people across the border over to Myanmar. However, it was not the name we are known in the community.  We actually had a hard time thinking about what to call our ministry. Sometimes giving a name to something is a bit tricky. It’s like giving a name to a pet, either it comes naturally or not at all. Some pets would have a name right away, and the others would remain nameless for a long time.

This is the same with our ministry,  we really couldn’t put a name on it. When people asked us what is the name of our children’s home,  we would just tell “Rainbow House” or in Thai “Ban Sairung.” Why?  Because when we came to Thailand, the Rainbow Foundation provides our work permit and visa. And though it is not the name we really wanted, the name stuck.

I hope to convert this blog to a website, make it more dynamic, informative and interactive. I will change the name to  Rainbow but it will be neat to use the Hebrew word  Qeshet (קֶשֶׁת) to avoid any identification with the LGBT movement. And because I read and learned from this post:

 The Hebrew word for Rainbow is קֶשֶׁת – Qeshet . Interestingly enough Keshet, other than Rainbow, also means a war bow. We can easily see the connection between Rainbow and a bow in English, but since it is one and the same word in Hebrew the connection there cannot be clearer.

Why would the ancient Hebrews (Moses in particular) refer to a rainbow as a bow? That connection has to do with the story of Noah’s flood.

When God judged the fallen humanity by sending his catastrophic flood, he made Noah a very important promise – never to judge the world so harshly again.

Later in the Bible, we find out why, but here, suffice to say that a rainbow became an eternal sign of God’s forgiveness and his covenantal mercy.

After all it was God’s bow of war that was now on permanent display for all to see. This time God’s bow was not pointing in our (earthly) direction, but in the direction of God’s heavenly residence.

To the readers and followers of this blog, thank you so much. For our friends and family, thank you for your love and prayers.

*Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Thailand Mourns


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The whole Thailand is mourning for the passing away of its most beloved King, HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. No one can deny that the King loved his people and had accomplished great things for Thailand.  We are one with the Thai people grieving the death of a great King.  We will join the 30-day of mourning that will be extended for the whole year. He will be missed. Rest in peace, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Please say a quiet prayer for the country which we considered home. Pray for Thailand.

Vision Realized


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As we enter the final quarter of 2016, we see how God put into reality the ministry which three years ago was just a vision.  It was in 2013 when we first met Larry and talked about our common burden to rescue, protect and empower young women and children against the evil of human trafficking.

We learned from an NGO called DEPDC that many exploited workers (mostly women) in Bangkok and South Thailand come from Northern Thailand. They are either illegally transport from neighboring countries of Myanmar and Laos or recruited through middlemen from very poor families in the tribal villages.

We thank the Lord for this opportunity He has given to us to help these young women and children through New Life Creations Foundation. Our ultimate goal is for these young women and children to have a personal relationship with the Father through Jesus and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Lord! This vision is now a reality.

School Break

20160918_120303-1185The school will be closed for two weeks. The children will be staying in the house and either Narlin or Joey needs to stay at home to look after them.  When the children are in the school, we are shuffling our time to work for New Life Creations Foundation and Sak Saum Thailand.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry with the children.  Your continued prayers and financial support make it possible for us to take care of the children and send them to school. They are also active in the church and may soon be part of the worship team. The Lord is indeed faithful to provide for our needs.

Please continue to help us pray for a new house. Our landlady advised us that anytime she calls, it means we have to leave the house within six months. We have been searching all over the town for a house suitable for the children.  We also started dreaming of buying our own property and build a house. Pray for provision for this specific need.

New Life Creations/Sak Saum Thailand

img_4718-70Our friend and partner, Larry will be in the US for a couple of months hoping to raise more funds for New Life Creations Foundation and Sak Saum Thailand. The registration of NLCF with the Thai government took a lot of financial resources. We desire to help younger women by providing them home and skills so that they can support themselves and live in dignity.

We are thankful to the Lord for the Canadian team that visited us last month and shared our ministry in their church. Their church raised and sent the fund for two industrial and one ordinary sewing machines. We are praying for individuals or churches who are willing to sponsor two more girls and for the rent of the girls’ home and sewing training center. Please help us to pray for this ministry to rescue, protect and empower young women against human trafficking.

Moreover, we formally signed an MOU with Sak Saum Cambodia. They will allow us to make for them selected “approved” products and will help us to market them in the US. They made order for scarves, wallets and bags and surprisingly, the girls were up to the challenged and were able to fulfill the orders within three weeks. We pray and hope that through this partnership with Sak Saum we can sustain the salary for the girls and the rent for their home and sewing training center.



Jared, Jillian and Reuven

We are missing our children. We experienced the empty nest syndrome earlier than most Filipino parents do. Our children needed to go home to the Philippines for college and live on their own. Of course, our nest is not really empty, we have 12 children with us.
We are praying that Jared, Jillian and Reuven can join us this Christmas. This will be the most beautiful gift we will ever have in the last 10 years of our stay here in Thailand. Besides, they will be very happy to be reunited with their adopted brothers and sisters. Help us to pray for provisions for their airfares.

More Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the kids at Rainbow Children Home.
  • Pray for Larry as he speaks to churches for fund raising and future partnership.
  • Pray for provisions for NLC/Sak Saum Thailand monthly expenses. Salary, rent and utilities.
  • Pray that we can find more girls that need help.
  • Pray that we can buy our own (NLCF) property.
  • Pray for provisions for Jared, Jillian and Reuven’s needs–house rent, daily expenses and tuition fees.

Mai Wang


Mai Wang is the most common Thai words used for busy. We had been very busy as a bee for the last month. Narlin with helping the girls with the products-wallets, bags, scarves and shawls. Larry went to the US and he brought these items to promote New Life Creations Foundation and Sak Saum Thailand. He will visit churches and will share our ministry.

How about me? I was  so busy with preparing promotional materials. I created the NLCF brochure using Adobe Indesign. I learned InDesign (Id) while using it. I was able to create business cards, product hang tags, brochures and sign up cards. Not bad for someone who didn’t use Id before.

I got busy writing (actually just cut and paste and edit) invitation letters for volunteers and other Foundation documents that needed to be written. I surprised myself again when I was able to create a “simple” website which I never thought I could do. I will be spending some time updating the website and Facebook ministry pages.

These are the excuses why I was not able to update this blog. I will be posting our prayer updates soon. Thanks again for those who remember us in their prayers. Please continue to pray for the children and our new ministries.